St Georges Mushrooms: Foraging for wild mushrooms

St Georges Mushrooms

St Georges Mushrooms

How do you feel about wild food foraging? I think a lot of people are comfortable with picking wild blackberries or maybe some elderflower. But what about mushrooms?!

Understandably mushroom foraging is a scary thing as there are some deadly mushrooms out there but what if you knew what you were looking for? I went on a food foraging day a couple of years ago and was extremely taken by the idea of mushroom foraging. I love mushrooms and wild mushrooms are especially delicious, but can be difficult to source in local markets.

St Georges Mushrooms

St Georges Mushrooms

Luckily for me these St Georges Mushrooms are readily available on the park outside my house, however it is sometimes a game of Russian roulette trying to ensure you get them before the grass gets cut!

I have a little mushroom foraging guide book to help identify mushrooms but I only really eat these ones as they are so easy to find. I came across this website that gives lots of useful information too.

The best time to pick the mushrooms are in the morning after there has been some rain. They only need to be brushed down or wiped with a damp cloth to clean (make sure they are growing in a spot where there is little chance of contamination!).

To cook, keep it simple to maintain the fresh ‘mushroomy’ flavours! I like to stick to lightly stir-frying them a simple garlic butter and serving on toast (made from home made bread of course!)

Garlic Butter Wild Mushrooms

Garlic Butter Wild Mushrooms

Garlic Butter Wild Mushrooms on Toast

Garlic Butter Wild Mushrooms on Toast

Would you want to try mushroom foraging now? 🙂

19 thoughts on “St Georges Mushrooms: Foraging for wild mushrooms

  1. Much braver than me! I forage for lots of green things and fruit, of course, but I leave mushrooms alone. If I can find them from a reliable source, wild mushrooms are, however absolutely delicious.

    • I think learning from an expert gave me the confidence to give it a try myself. I just need to be more adventurous and try different types! 🙂

  2. I’ve done little mushroom foraging myself, although there is plenty of opportunity to do so here. I have gone with an ‘expert’ but never on my own, and I have bought them from vendors I trust. I would love to learn more about it, but still haven’t got there. Good for you for finding something tried and true, and enjoying it.

  3. Hello Sam,

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  4. This is such an inspirational post –
    what a great connection with nature foraging is!
    Still I don’t think I’d have the courage to go mushroom foraging – cherries yes, but Fungi, no!
    Emma 🙂

    • Hi Emma! I’m only willing to do it because someone showed me how. There are differnt community classes you could attend. It’s quite interesting to do a general foraging class as they cover all sorts, not just fungi! 🙂

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