‘Toad In The Hole’ with onion gravy

Toad In The Hole

Toad In The Hole

‘Toad In The Hole’ is a traditionally British dish of sausages bakes in ‘Yorkshire Pudding’ batter. Coming from a Chinese family in England, this dish is not something I actually grew up eating but I do love a good Yorkshire pudding! The origins of the name of this recipe is slightly unclear, check out what Wikipedia has to say…

I cooked this meal during a blustery Saturday. It was that kind of day when the weather gets you a little down, and all you need is some comforting food to keep you warm inside! I’m not a lover of traditional pork sausages, so I used both pork and turkey sausages in the recipe so that everyone could have a little something they’d like. As it turned out, the turkey sausages were preferred, so I’ll be getting them again! Yum!

Toad In The Hole

Toad In The Hole with Onion Gravy

I served the Toad In The Hole with an onion gravy and went for Cauliflower with Broccoli Cheese to go on the side.

So as you can see from the photos, the meal was very heavy as the Yorkshire Pudding was very dense! Since this is the first time I’ve made this dish, and the last time I had it was probably when I was in school, I’m not sure if this has turned out right?  Where the Yorkshire Pudding was quite thin, it was lovely and crispy and light… maybe too much batter? Any experts out there to give a little advice? Please! 🙂



10 thoughts on “‘Toad In The Hole’ with onion gravy

    • I used a recipe I found online: 3 eggs, 225g plain flour, 250ml milk plus salt and pepper to season. What’s your recipe? I might give it another go! 🙂

      • This what I use:
        100g/3½oz plain flour
        ½ teaspoon salt
        pinch white pepper
        2 free-range eggs
        200ml/7fl oz milk
        50ml/2fl oz water

        But I do tend the cook the sausages separately nowadays and serve them with a huge Yorkshire pudding separately as my son doesn’t like sausages but want the pudding!

      • You use a lot less flour, which sounds better to me. And the water is a good idea to lighten to batter as I just used full fate milk! I’m going to try your recipe next time and cook the sausages separately too. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  1. I love the name of this dish. Never tried it, but I think it is an interesting variation of Yorkshire Pudding which I love to make.

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