Raspberry and Cumin ‘Cheesecake’ Tarts: an experimental emergency dessert!


Tonight I desperately needed a dessert after dinner and came up with this little experiment…


The pastry tart shells were left over from a savoury vegetable tart I’d made ages ago, and had frozen left over tart shells. These were reheated in the oven to crispen up and revive.

I whipped up the soft cheese with some icing sugar and a little vanilla paste.

Then the raspberries were cooked up with some icing sugar into a sweet and sharp syrupy sauce.

All these ingredients were then made up into little tarts within 10 minutes of being taken out of the fridge and freezer!

The cumin in the pastry was very strong and over powered the raspberry flavour. The taste was nice but a little too much on the savoury side I think!

Overall a nice little experiment but I probably wouldn’t have it again 🙂


11 thoughts on “Raspberry and Cumin ‘Cheesecake’ Tarts: an experimental emergency dessert!

  1. Now this is called art!
    Cumin can be over powering when used whole! May be next time use a tiny pinch when making raspberry sauce with as all pinch of red chili powder. It will be a nice compote!!
    I loves your creation and put of the box idea :).

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