Tomato and Basil Chicken with Hasselback Potatoes

Tomato and Basil Chicken with Hasselback Potatoes

Tomato and Basil Chicken with Hasselback Potatoes

This is a delicious and satisfyingly easy meal for a friends and family. It’s also a good alternative to a Sunday roast using a few simple ingredients and had immense flavour with little effort.

This ‘Tender and Crisp Chicken Legs with Tomatoes’ one-pot meal comes from Jamie Oliver and was introduced to me by my sister. The recipe uses a variety of cherry tomatoes, lots of basil and whole cloves of garlic to flavour the roasting juices. It is highly recommended that chicken legs are used for their flavour. To ensure the meat remains tender and super moist, all the ingredients need to be packed tightly into the pot/dish used. 

Hasselback Potatoes

Hasselback Potatoes

When my sister makes this meal, she likes to add fresh cream to the roasting juices and shred the chicken to make a pasta dish. I decided to keep it as a roast dinner so paired it with roasted carrots and potatoes. 

To add a little interest to the roast potatoes, I decided to make ‘hasselback potatoes‘ from small salad potatoes baked with vegetable oil and finished with some butter. They are usually made with floury potatoes but I liked the look of smaller potatoes (and they cook much faster!). I cooked the potatoes for 45 minutes, adding the raw carrot batons to the baking tray for the last 20 minutes.

Hasselback Potatoes prep

Hasselback Potatoes prep

A handy hint I found online was to put the potato onto a wooden spoon to stop it from rolling around and to ensure you don’t cut all the way through the potato. What a useful cooking tip! You can add also some bread crumbs and cheese or other flavours to the potatoes to make it more of a meal, like a jacket potato I guess.

The whole meal took one hour to cook including preparation time and all the work was done by the oven. I have the say that this meal was really delicious and enjoyed by all, children and adults alike!


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