Novelty Duck Pond and Farm Animals Cake

Novelty 'Duck Pond' and Farm Animals Cake

Novelty ‘Duck Pond’ and Farm Animals Cake

I’m super excited about this cake, even after the event has been and gone… For my nephew’s 3rd Birthday my sister and I decided to try and make a ‘duck pond and farm animals’ cake as he is obsessed with ducks and farms animals!

A quick Google and scout around Pintrest and the ideas were flowing! I’m not a huge fan of icing and marzipan or buttercream on cakes, as I prefer ream cakes that are a lot less sugary. You may have already seen from my previous cake posts that I tend to reduce the sugar in cake recipes so they aren’t so sweet and the flavours of the cake itself are allowed to shine through.

With no children of my own, I obviously have a lot more time on my hands to bake and decorate birthday celebration cakes. However I have to admit that I have no artistic bone in my body! So my cakes are quite plain and have simple (of very messy) decoration. Obviously with children’s birthday cakes it’s all about the ‘wow factor’ as they are usually much more interested in the way it looks than the taste of it! Store bough party cakes tend to be fairly plain inside, going for a jam or buttercream filling…

Novelty 'Duck Pond' and Farm Animals Cake

Novelty ‘Duck Pond’ and Farm Animals Cake

With this cake I made a stand and decided that it needed to taste really good as well as look good! So using my mum’s Victoria Sponge recipe I made the lightest of lightest cakes, making a salted caramel cream for the filling. The outside of the cake was decorated using KitKat fingers (for the fence) and coloured whipped cream for the ‘grass’ and ‘water’. The pebbles, ducks and farm animals were all made from ready made sugar pastes.

Farm Animals

Farm Animals

I’m particularly impressed by these farm animals made by my cousin, they are so cute! The sheep especially as she rolled out each tiny ball individually to get the ‘woolly’ effect.

Ducks swimming and diving

Ducks swimming and diving

My sister made these little ducks, I especially love the baby ducks and the ones that have dunked their heads in the ‘water’ so only their feet and bums are showing!

For the cake recipe, see my previous post ‘Green Tea and Black Sesame Marble Cake‘ but skip the matcha powder and black sesame powder for a plain cake, or if you want flavoured sponge just follow the recipe as is!

For the salted caramel cream I used a made a basic caramel recipe (melted sugar in a pan and added cream once melted and a pinch of sea salt) then added it to whipped cream once it has cooled.

Duck Pond and Farm Animal Cake

Duck Pond and Farm Animal Cake

I’m very proud of our team effort on this cake. Although I have no patience and vision for modelling and crafting for novelty cakes, I know who to go to if I ever need to decorate novelty cakes again!

My nephew absolutely loved his birthday cake so all of the effort was well worth it. The adults also enjoyed eating the cake itself, leaving all the sugar paste animals to one side. Mission accomplished! πŸ™‚

27 thoughts on “Novelty Duck Pond and Farm Animals Cake

    • My cousin made the animals, they’re brilliant aren’t they! I think the brand was the Dr Oetker multi pack of colours from Tesco (if you’re in the UK!)

  1. This is a lovely cake, what a great idea to use kit kat for the fence! I am into cake decorating too (a newbie), and adore this decoration.

    • Thank you but I’m not able to take the credit for the kitkat fence idea, it’s used a lot on cakes. Check out Pintrest for decorating ideas for cakes. I’m not really into decorations but this one was a one off. Have fun! πŸ™‚

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